The Great Lakes Carnival Glass Club

About Us

We are a non-profit social club promoting the education of old Carnival Glass. 

The Michigan “Great Lakes Carnival Glass Club” By-Laws were adopted on April 23, 1983. The logo is the Big fish pattern inserted in the middle of the lower peninsula of a map of Michigan.  As of the newsletter printed on June 16, 1983 the Club had a total of 23 households as members. We know that Dave & Emma Ackerman and their son Scott were among the organizers of the Club. Any family who joined by July 1, 1983 were to be considered Charter Members. By November 19, 1984 there were 44 households listed on the roster. As of 2013 we have approximately 80 families as members.

 The club meets four times a year. We meet three times a year at the home of a member and the first full weekend in November at a hotel for a Convention/Glass Bash.

The primary objective of the Club is to recognize old carnival glass either pressed or blown and made primarily in the United States and between 1905 to 1930.The secondary objective is to impart our knowledge of this glass to each other in a friendly, social atmosphere and to enjoy not only our own glass but to expand our interest in and appreciation of Carnival glass belonging to others.

There will be four newsletters  per year at least two weeks prior to each meeting. They usually take place in February, May, August and November.